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A Berry Hot Week

[wild berries] 

The Bizarre Courtship of the American Woodcock 

The Bold, Fierce Clowns of the Forest
[Pileated Woodpecker] 

Brief Encounters of the Herp Kind
[Five-lined Skink] 

Daddy Longlegs—Crawly but Maybe Not So Creepy 

Different Day, Different Web 
[orb weaver spiders] 

Feeding Wild Birds in Winter–What’s Best for Them and You 

Flower of the Year: White Oak? 

A Golden Symphony of Blooms Marks the Close of Summer 

Goatsucker in Flight on a Warm Spring Night
[Common Nighthawk] 

The Great Southern Brood Rises with a Mighty Hum
[periodical cicadas] 

Green Relief from the Brown Fall Forest Floor
[club mosses & Christmas Fern] 

Identifying the Fungus Among Us

Invading Stinkers and Ladies Disappear as Temps Drop
[Asian Multicolored Lady Beetles and Brown Marmorated Stinkbugs 

Is that a Rufous Hummingbird at the Feeder? 

Life at the Pond: Predators Above and Below 

Maple Syrup and Igneous Rocks:
 A Journey to Virginia’s Little Switzerland
[Highland County] 

A Mouse in the House 

Mushroom or Miracle, the Hunt is On!
[Hunting for Morel Mushrooms] 

My Misadventures in Birding 

Name that Tune! 
[identifying birdsong] 

North American Raccoon: The Tactile Masked Bandit 

Off with Their Heads 

Quacking Frogs Get a Jump on the Spring Mating Season 
[Wood Frog] 

A Rafter of Turkeys 

Rescuing Opossums 

The Sky Is Falling
[mast crop] 

Spring Is Marked by a Comma, Not a Question Mark 

Things that Go Screech in the Night 

Thoughts under the Eclipsing Full Moon 

Tracking Wildlife: More than Identifying Footprints 

Wild Times on the Deck 

Yellow and Blue Flutterings in the Trees

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